Daily Archives: 21. October 2019

Odins magischer Thron

Another adventure through the realm of the Norse gods. This time, we’re to collect Gungnir, the spear of Odin. It won’t be an easy task, and as several puzzles block our progress. All we need to do is make sense of his godly array of friends. While I’m not positive […]

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Freyas verwunschener Wald

It’s a journey into a forest to retrieve the lost idols of the gods. The wilderness is rife with danger, such as a wild boar, towering trees, word puzzles, and infernal dominos. As a plus, there were actual trees in this room. Okay, they were the trunks of poplars glued […]

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Thors Donner-Bar

Take a step inside the world of Viking gods, first stop, Thor’s Bar. No doubt, the Danes drank heavily, and Thor’s decided a bar is the best place to hide his hammer. Can we find Mjöllner. Stylistically I found the room disappointing. It has spartan decorations and doesn’t blend to […]

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