Daily Archives: 10. July 2021

Das Bergwerk (The Mine)

The Mine (Das Bergwerk) by perplexxX Innsbruck

Put on your mining hats, it’s time to search for lost treasure. Sure, our map leads us to an old mine with a warning of imminent collapse, but we’ll be in and out in under 60 minutes! You’ll be happy to know that The Mine is decorated like a mine. […]

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The Poacher (Der Wilderer)

Der Wilderer von Just Escape Austria, Hall in Tirol

We’re enjoying the forest while collecting mushrooms, when a howl breaks the calm. A mass of eyes and fur are moving in the distance. Bolting in the opposite direction, we do not stop until we happen upon a small cabin. Though this doesn’t seem safe either. Der Wilderer is a […]

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