Ranked Playlist San Francisco

[Last Update: November 2023] We played 12 Escape Games from 5 different providers in Northern California. As always, we asked other enthusiasts and bloggers about their opinions about our playlist. 19 enthusiasts from 5 different countries who had played an average of 10,3 rooms on our list cast their ballot.

Ranked Playlist of Escape Games in San Francisco (Nothern California)
Ranked Playlist San Francisco
1Trivium Games (Emeryville, CA)GHOST PATROL0no9032211023183359111214
2Omescape (Sunnyvale, CA)ROBOTOPIA1yes1201xx624152521246x443
3Palace Games (San Francisco, CA)THE EDISON ESCAPE ROOM0no1002344372212631352172
4Omescape (Sunnyvale, CA)UNDERCOOKED0no757x73136451523523635
5Off The Couch Games (Parkmont, Fremont, CA)CHAPTER 3: THE MORGUE2yes120613x8xx6411x75x3xxx7
6Palace Games (San Francisco, CA)THE ATTRACTION0no120561059543941462124551
7Omescape (Sunnyvale, CA)CHAOS IN THE GALLERIA0no909x624158774108645326
8Off The Couch Games (Parkmont, Fremont, CA)CHAPTER 1: OCCAM'S APARTMENT2yes105488812xx1038x612x11xxx10
9Palace Games (San Francisco, CA)THE GREAT HOUDINI ESCAPE ROOM0no808711106x89610x878879x8
10Palace Games (San Francisco, CA)THE ROOSEVELT ESCAPE ROOM0no90114197x7711128121071067x9
11Off The Couch Games (Parkmont, Fremont, CA)CHAPTER 2: NORCROSS ART GALLERY1yes901059711xx11106x911x9xxx11
12The Escape Game (San Francisco, CA)PLAYGROUND0no6012951156912129711497x8612