Daily Archives: 27. December 2019

Frankenstein’s Girlfriend

The provider Yurmuvi has three locations in Asturias – two in Gijon where the rooms “Magic school”, “Frankenstein’s bride”, “Dracula’s escape”, “The secret of the Pharaoh” are offered, and one in Oviedo with “Assault of Nautilus” and “The portrait of Dorian”. What was striking about both rooms we played in […]

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Prison Planet

If you play enough games in a certain region you will come across a prison-themed game. I mean, come on, after all we are playing escape rooms, and if one theme represents the essence of escaping from a certain place, that must be the prison. The downside of such a […]

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You Won’t Escape

You Wont Escape by Manison Crowell

This rooms follows the already reviewed “A dark secret” as a second chapter in the story around the Crowell Mansion and pretty much all the comments made for it apply to this room as well concerning its inspiration source.Again, a very solid room, with some really cool mechanical props, that […]

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A Dark Secret

A Dark Secret by Mansion Crowell

The review of this room could be called a trip to where all began. A dark secret was Mad Mansion’s first room and given the success this company has achieved in the TERPECA probably everyone has heard about it by now. This room was apparently the very first room in […]

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Freak Show

When talking about horror rooms in Spain, it is well known that Barcelona is the stronghold in quality and numbers. This is also reflected in the fact, that in the whole trip we did in the North of Spain, there were not many horror rooms in the list.One of the […]

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