Daily Archives: 1. October 2021

Call or die

Call Or Die by Over Time in Pamplona

Shadow Island doesn’t exactly sound like a calm city, so it’s quite fitting that in that city 3 senior officials have been kidnapped. Your goal – infiltrate the safe houses in which they are kept, free them, and get back out alive! This has been the 11th game that we’ve […]

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101 Years of Forgiveness

1 YEARS OF FORGIVENESS by Over Time Pamplona, Spain

To very simply put it, any game master award that the GM of this room doesn’t win, has made a mistake. Before knocking on the door, I was quite exhausted, lacking both food and sleep. Two minutes later, I was full with adrenaline, ready to rob a bank, and if […]

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Hotel Hello

Hotel Hello by Wayout Escape Room in Pamplona, Spain

Why aren’t hotels ever just a nice and calm experience? Why can’t we, for once, just have a nice rest? Hotel Hello tells the story of a hotel that is run by two siblings after their mother has passed. The game starts from a very nice and slightly creepy introduction, […]

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You will float too

You will float too by Mayto Kingdom in Vitoria-Gasteiz

I must admit, that when I saw the title “You Will Float Too” in our agenda, I got excited. Probably some fun room about flying or a swimming pool!But apparently I was… Wrong. Very wrong.It (Huh? You see what I did there?) seems that many people recognise that quote, and […]

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Project Avengers

PROJECT AVENGERS by AV Escape Room in Vitoria-Gasteiz

When Santiago sent us the trip schedule, one room theme stood out immediately – Avengers! We meet with the leader of the agent of SHIL (…), who explained to us that the Infinity Stones were scattered in the past! Luckily, thanks to the technology of Mr Estark (yep), we were […]

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