Daily Archives: 7. April 2023

The Antiquary’s Testament

THE ANTIQUARY‘S TESTAMENT by TripTrap Bazar in Geneva, Switzerland

Trip Trap has taken over the Timescape location, which now goes by the name “Trip Trap Bazar”. With “Trip Trap Secret Floor” and the “Grand Trip Trap Hotel”, there are now three Trip Trap locations in Geneva. The former Timescape branch is no longer recognizable. The appearance has completely changed […]

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Lost Mansion

LOST MANSION (Le manoir abandonné) by Trapgame in Martigny, Switzerland

Some time ago a meteorite fell in a rather uninhabited region. Pretty close to the impact site is situated an abandoned mansion where Aunt Maria and her 3 children lived. The family was at home on the day of the meteorite impact – and thankfully survived. Only one daughter has […]

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Hansel & Gretel

HANSEL & GRETEL by Protocole 1408 in Orbe, Switzerland

Orbe is a small municipality in the canton of Vaud, north of Lake Geneva. Protocole 1408, whose Escape Game „Hansel und Gretel“ was recommended to us, is based here. That’s why we made a stop here on the way to our destination, Geneva. Nearby, in Cossonay, about 15 minutes away […]

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