Daily Archives: 25. October 2019

Lagerraum 42

Excitement builds as we’ve won the bid for our first abandoned storage room. Stepping inside we find crates, many crates, unfortunately they’re filled with soda bottles. Empty ones. This is a big let down… unless… what’s this over here. Our game master informed us this room was incomplete, as much […]

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Das Hostel

Our vacation comes to an abrupt halt as we find ourselves trapped in a cage. Given the decor, I don’t think our guest has friendly plans for us. We should probably break out before he gets back. This room has the standard horror decorations, a cage, a strange chair, a […]

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Die Galerie

We lock our gaze on our favourite paintings. We’re so lost in our adoration that we fail to notice the museum has closed. The doors are locked down with us trapped inside. And uh, the trigger happy guard is going to kill us all should he find us? Silly story […]

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Das Uboot

Finally, we’ve scraped together enough money to purchase a submarine for our expedition. No longer will we be desk biologists, but get to dive deep into the ocean. We take the plunge! All is going swimmingly until that somewhat necessary air filter stops working. It’s too late to hire a […]

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