Daily Archives: 4. October 2021

The House (La Casa)

La Casa (The House) by Insomnia Corporation in Berga, Spain

Last year this room made it to the Top 10 of the Terpeca and having had a fantastic experience in El cóctel del doctor (The doctor’s cocktail), the first room from this company and the first (or almost) horror room in Spain, I had high expectations. Interestingly, the company (Insomnia […]

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Mission Olympus

MISSION OLYMPUS by Olimpo Escape Room in Barcelona

There’s something absolutely fantastic about the fact that since this room is in Spanish, the instructions were given to us by a Spanish speaking Greek god. We have to travel up the Spanish Olympus, to retrieve a pair of Spanish Hermes’ sandals. The game is very nice, and uses a […]

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One-Eyed-Willy by Willy El Tuerto Escape Room in Sabadell, Spain

Imagine going to the cinema and watching Avengers: Infinity War without watching any of the previous movies. Everything will be very impressive, but you have no idea what’s going on around you, right? Which brings us to this room! I’ve never seen The Goonies before, so most of the plot […]

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The Initiative

THE INITIATIVE by A Contratiempo in Granollers, Barcelona, Spain

I really like Lost. I enjoyed it from the first moment to the last, including its debatable end. So I of course got excited when I realized that we are about to play a Lost room on our trip. Let’s start with the positive – the room is great for […]

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